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Activities of ITPI Regional Chapters 2011-2012
Andhra Pradesh Regional Chapter, Hyderabad
APRC conducted workshop on the eve of World Environment Day on 4th June, 2011 where representatives from HMDA made a presentation on Lake Conservation Project in Hyderabad. One day consultative workshop was also organized in collaboration with CREDAI on draft Metropolitan Development Plan for extended area of HMDA. Besides, World Town Planning Day was also celebrated during the year.

Delhi Regional Chapter, Delhi
During the year two Workshops were organized, one on "MPD - 2021 Review and Critical Issues" and the on "Environmental Issues and Challenges in Urban Development. Besides, technical presentation was organized on "Prospect of Underground Facilities in Delhi". Brainstorming session was also organized on "Urban and Regional Planning Professional Practice and Charges" and Panel discussion on "Master Plan of Delhi - 2021 Review" was organized by the Delhi Chapter.

Goa Regional Chapter, Panjim
During the year only one significant programme was organized in collaboration with the Goa College of Architecture i.e. Seminar on "Tropical Housing Affordable and Sustainable Option" The Seminar was attended by the then Hon ble Chief Minister and Town and Country Planning Minister of Government of Goa along with other dignitaries including the Chief Secretary and Secretary of Technical Education.

Gujarat Regional Chapter, Ahmadabad
The Chapter has organized major four activities during the year 2011-2012 i.e. (i) Seminar on "Development in Peri - Urban Areas of Newly formed AUDA, (ii) "Environmental impact on Development in the vicinity of Nal Sarovar, (iii) Organized Panel discussion on Impact Fee and (iv) Presentation of Goa Development Plan with Gujarat Institute of Civil Engineers and Architects.

Haryana Regional Chapter, Panchkula
The Chapter organized four workshops during the year 2011-12 (i) "Environment Day, (ii) "Green Cities : Issues and Prospects, (III) "Safety and Security of High Rise Buildings" and (IV) "Right to Information Act, 2005". Besides, Independence Day and Republic Day were also celebrated in the Chapter building at Panchkula, Haryana.

Karnataka Regional Chapter, Bangalore
The Chapter organized 60thNational Town and Country Planners Congress at Karnataka University, Mysore during 6th - 8th January, 2012. It was a mega success event. Besides, World Environment Day and World Habitat Day was also celebrated.

Kerala Regional Chapter, Thiruvananthapuram
During the year the Chapter organized three Seminars on - (i) Development along Proposed Metro Rail Route - Kochi; (ii) Sea Level Rise and Its Likely Impacts on Development in Kochin Metropolitan Region; and (iii) Regional Development through Tourism - Case Study of Alappuzha District.

Madhya Pradesh Regional Chapter, Bhopal
During the year the Chapter has published four issues of Newsletters in multi colors. On the occasion of World Habitat Day, a seminar was organized on "Cities and Climate Change" and celebrated World Town Planning Day and GIS Day. The Chapter has completed the construction of upper Ground floor consisted of five room with kitchen and staircase.

Maharashtra Regional Chapter, Mumbai
During the year 2011-12 the chapter organized a technical workshop on "Amendments to MR & TP Act on 5th June, 2011 at Pune. A West Zone Conference was organized at MRC Building, Navi Mumbai on October 8 - 9, 2011. The main theme of the conference was "Land Procurement for Urban Development". Post conference tour to Lavasa was also conducted. The construction work of chapter building is completed.

Maharashtra Regional Chapter, Nagpur
During the year as many as five seminars and workshops were conducted at Nagpur and during the seminar movies on Planning were shown. Post seminar tour to MIHAN was also organized to give the glimpses of growing Nagpur city. The chapter building got a face lift, with addition of new floors, lift block, guest rooms, and conference room.

North East Regional Chapter, Guwahati
The chapter building of ITPI - North East Regional Chapter has become fully functional. Inaugural ceremony of newly constructed chapter building took place on 25th February, 2012. On the occasion of inaugural ceremony, a technical session on "Urban Strategy for North-East India, vision 2030 was also organized as a significant activity of the chapter during the year 2011-12.

Orissa Regional Chapter, Bhubaneswar
During the year, the Chapter deliberated on ZDP (Zonal Development Plan) of Bhubaneswar prepared by IIT, Kharagpur and Draft Amendments to Building Regulations 2012 framed by BDA. The chapter celebrated the World Habitat Day on 3rdOctober, 2011 on the theme "City & Climate Change". World Town Planning Day was also celebrated on the theme "Access to Public Space & Planning for People". The Independence Day and Republic Day were also celebrated in the Chapter premises.

Rajasthan Regional Chapter, Jaipur
During the year the Chapter accepted the work of preparation of Draft Master Plans of 2 towns namely Badi Sadri and Balotra and 5 village plans of Dausa Districts which was completed in scheduled time given by the Rajasthan Government. The Chapter building was also renovated. The renovation of Udaipur Centre was also completed with the funds saved from consultancy work of Master Plans.

West Bengal Regional Chapter, Kolkata
During the year interactive sessions, lecture programs, seminars and workshops were organized on the theme "Forest Management and Regional Development", "National Mission for Sustainable Habitat", "Rebuilding Kolkata : An Urban Vision", "Planning Sensibilities : Old and New" and "Town Planning Profession and Education". The Chapter published three volumes of Planners Newsletter as well.
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