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The present members of the Institute of Town Planners, India, and such other persons as shall be elected in accordance with these articles and none other shall be members of the Institute, and shall be entered in the register of members accordingly.
There shall be one-class of members of the Institute termed:
  • Corporate Members
      (i) Fellows and (ii) Associates

      (With the provision of Life Membership)
      The Council alone shall have the power to elect members of the Institute and to decide whether any person proposed for or seeking membership has or has not fulfilled the requirements applicable to his case.

      The Council may expel or refuse to continue the membership of any member of the Institute in the cases prescribed in the bye-laws upon the conditions set out there.

      Any member of the Institute may terminate his membership at any time on giving to the Council notice of his desire, but he/she shall nevertheless continue to be liable to pay any subscription or arrears of subscription due at the date of such notice.

      The rights and privileges of every member of the Institute shall be personal to himself, and shall not be transferable or transmissible by his own act or by operation of law.

    1. be at least 21 years of age.
    2. Shall on the date of his application have attained an approved standard of proficiency in matters relating to town planning.
    3. Shall have passed the examination imposed by the Institute or shall have been exempted by the Council and shall have experience in town planning for at least one year and in case of graduate with Bachelor of Planning Degree two years experience in town planning subsequent to his passing the qualifying examination.
  • Qualification for Associate Membership (Bye Law No.17)
  • Qualification for Fellow Membership (Bye Law No.16) Every candidate for election as Fellow shall.

  • Be at least 40 years of age.
  • Be an Associate of the Institute for at least 10 years.
  • Shall on the date of his application satisfy the Council of his experience in town planning as prescribed by the Council from time to time as given below:
Experience Employed in Government, and Pvt. Semi Govt. Sectors

OR Professional Plasticizing Planners, Self Employed

OR Teaching Profession

OR Research and Development Institute / Organization

A 15 years Professional work carried out in the field of Urban & Regional Planning and Development.   15 years Professional work carried out in the field of Urban & Regional Planning and Development.   15 years Teaching Experience in the field of Urban & Regional Planning and Development.   15 years Professional work carried out in the field of Urban & Regional Planning and Development.
B Class I Officer having minimum experience of 5 year not below the rank of Town and Country Planner of Central T & CPO or Equivalent in that post in the Pay Band 3:  Rs 15600-39100/- with Grade Pay of Rs. 7600/-   Must have functioned as team leader on important Town Planning Projects covering a total area not less than 40 hectares   Must have minimum experience of 5 year as Associate Professor or above in the Pay Band 4:  Rs.37400-67000/- with Academic Grade Pay of Rs.9000 /-   Independent Research publication in national and International (referred) Journal / Books in the capacity of Senior Scientist or Equivalent in the Pay Band 3:  Rs 15600-39100/- with Grade Pay of Rs. 7600/-  with 5 years of experience.

Extra Activities:Extra Activities: Active participation in promoting the objects of the Institute.
Screening Committee: Evaluation of the work on the basis of experience, Seminar papers project work etc. by a Screening Committee Constituted by PSC/Council.

  • Application & Procedure for Membership

      A person seeking admission to be a Corporate Member of the Institute shall apply to the Secretary General in Form as appended to the Bye-laws after completing the application in all respects. (Forms are subject to changes made from time to time by the Institute).

      The application shall be accompanied by the annual subscription for the class of membership (For Associate Member Rs 150/-for annual subscription and Rs 1050/- for life membership, For Fellow membership Rs.250/-for annual subscription and Rs 1600/-for Life membership amount already deposited as Associate member will be adjusted)
  • Sponsors

      An application for election to membership in any class shall be sponsored by not less than three members of the Institute of whom at least one shall be a Fellow, who from personal knowledge of such candidates shall certify that he satisfies the necessary qualifications.

      An Associate desirous of becoming a Fellow or a qualified student desirous of becoming an Associate, shall forward to the Secretary General an application according to the form appended to the Bye-laws, signed by not less than two members of whom one shall be a Fellow.

      Where a candidate for corporate Membership is not personally known to any member, the Council may, if they are otherwise satisfied that the candidate is a fit / proper person to be elected, by a resolution of at least three-fourth of the members of the Council present and voting, dispense with the certificate of personal knowledge.
  • Objections On Proposals Seeking Election

      The Secretary General shall circulate the list of candidates for membership and for transfer from one class to another to all members of the Institute inviting objections, if any, within a fortnight from the date of posting the notice.

      If, on any application by a candidate for election as member of student, or for transfer from one class to another, any member shall object to such election or transfer shall give to the Council notice in writing of his objections stating his reasons, the Council shall before electing or, transferring the candidate consider such objections and if they think desirable hear the objector in support thereof. But if after considering such objections, the Council decides to elect or to transfer the candidate, their decision shall be final and conclusive.

      No unsuccessful candidate, for elections as a member or student, or for transfer from one class to another, shall be proposed for election or transfer a second time within 12 months.
Form for Associate Member
Form for Fellow Member
Nomination and Declaration form to be submitted after the membership number is Awarded.
Identity Card for the Associate and fellow members.
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